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What is brand photography?


When developing your brand identity, it’s more than just the product you create. Your brand is the culture, attitude, and quality that you project to clients and customers. Your business’s brand is what sets you apart and distinguishes you from similar brands and companies.

Brand Photography is Key

You’ve spent an enormous amount of time developing products for consumers to utilize and enjoy. You want to showcase your products in the best way possible. Through Brand photography, you are able to do so. 

Think about all the times you have been interested in a product in an advertisement you’ve come across. You’ve seen the clothing on a model you want to purchase, the food at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, or the skin care company that promises to make you look even more wonderful.

Through using a brand photographer, you can provide visuals for your high quality products to sell to consumers. Brand photography is the way for you to visually elevate your products in a way that captures your culture, attitude, and quality.

About Me

Photography is all about using my creativity to capture a moment and develop a certain look and feel through an image. Photography creates a strong sensory presence and can be very versatile. It can be personal, such photographing a family gathering, or commercial, using imagery to entice.

I’ve had an interest in photography for my entire life. My mom loved to photograph my family and as I grew, I enjoyed looking back at shots from my childhood. It was that love of looking at old photos and the ability to encapsulate time through images that motivated me to pick up a camera.

One of my biggest photographic influences is the fashion industry. I love looking at advertisements and editorials in magazines such as, Vogue or GQ, and using them as inspiration for my work.

Opening the taproom, Mellow Mink, with my husband, Matt, allowed me to further understand the importance of brand development. Using and improving my skills, I successfully created a strong social media presence for our taproom and developed a passion for enhancing business’s through brand photography.

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